Alvant’s ParXal material (pronounced Par-Zal) is a stiff highly wear resistant Aluminium Matrix Composite material utilising particles of Silicon Carbide or Alumina (Aluminium Oxide).  This material can be used to produce lightweight stiff components with good machinability and increased strength over the chosen aluminium matrix grade.

Benefits include:

  • High component stiffness
  • Wear resistance
  • Machinable using traditional techniques
  • Extrusion, Forging and Billet forms

All values are approximate and can be tailored to suit specific applications. All details given are Alvant’s current intellectual property and experience, and are dependent on the equipment, parameters and operating conditions. The data in this document is subject to change and only intended for general information on a material and process that is continually improving and developing. The data does not provide a sufficient basis for engineering parts on its own. Samples and materials were produced using Alvant’s proprietary manufacturing process.

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