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Metal Matrix Composites
Increasing the capabilities of the worlds most demanding products
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High-Performing Solutions
We specialise in Aluminium Matrix Composites incorporating high-performance reinforcement into lightweight structures
Manufacturing Performance
We manufacture advanced material components using our know-how and intellectual property

Material Evolution

Lighter, stronger, more sustainable, with increased performance. We create advanced aluminium metal matrix composite materials that deliver lasting advantage for our clients and for the world.

We’re Alvant.

Alvant specialises in the design, development, testing and manufacture of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite materials and components (AMCs).

Our solutions can reduce weight and increase performance over traditional metals whilst being more tolerant to physical and thermal damage than carbon composite materials.

Sustainability with Enhanced Product Capabilities

The efficient movement of people, goods and equipment.

Transport & Defence

Land | Sea | Air

In products where efficient performance in harsh environments is of critical importance Alvant’s AMC materials provide an alternative to titanium and carbon composites.

Power transfer and dynamic response

High-end Consumer

Electronics | Sports | Personal Mobility

End users of high-end products expect superior performance and precision in a wide range of applications. Size, weight, performance, dynamic stability and thermal management can all be tailored.

Reduced risk of failure, process stoppage and injury.

Industrial & Healthcare

Energy | Robotics | Bionics

Industrial and Healthcare products typically require a safe and reliable solution.  Alvant’s AMCs retain their superior properties over a wide range of environmental conditions.

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