Applications: Links and Struts

Lightweight high-strength structures

Fatigue and Damage tolerant

Alvant’s Link and Strut solutions have the potential to significantly
reduce the weight of structural metallic components by up to 40%

Reducing weight is a key goal for transport operators as it links directly to fuel efficiency and cost reduction. Consequently, system suppliers are being set ambitious specifications to help transport operators achieve their commercial goals.

Alvant Link and Strut solutions (patents pending)

Alvant’s Links and Struts core technology provides a basis for near-net shape components to be created with similar design allowables to titanium but approximately 40% lighter.


Benefit potential

  • Up to 40% lighter than titanium with equivalent strength
  • x100 increase in fatigue life versus aerospace grade aluminium
  • x4 increase in fatigue strength versus aerospace grade aluminium


  • Landing gear
  • Helicopter Under-Slung Load Equipment (HUSLE)
  • High-Speed rail
  • Helicopter rotor mechanisms
  • Renewable energy sources with dynamic elements